1 Sep 2010

Tuna Samosa

This recipe is my dear friend's signature dish.  I used to think of tuna as cat food, but in this recipe it is absolutely delicious.  I adore cats, and since I have 4 furry felines of my own, I suppose it was natural for me to take a liking to tuna.  The only tricky part of this recipe is the folding of the triangle shaped samosa.  It took me about 3 tries before I got it right.  Thank goodness my friend taught me well.

-1 package of filo pastry (feuilles de brick)
-2 cans of tuna (400 grams in total)
-1 small carrot, shredded
-1 small zucchini, shredded
-75 grams of canned soy bean sprout, chopped into very small pieces.
-1 small onion, chopped into very small pieces
-2 teaspoons of soy sauce

-Combine and mix the tuna, carrot, zucchini, soy bean sprout, onion and soy sauce. Do not put the liquid of the tuna and soy bean sprout into the mixture.
-Cut each round pastry in half.
-To make the samosas, follow the photo instructions below.
-Once the samosas are made, pan fry on high heat, with vegetable oil until golden and crispy on each side.

1.  Cut in half.
2.  Place the round edge of the pastry down.

4.  Take the bottom of the pastry and
fold up towards the tuna mixture.
3.  Place tuna mixture near the
top corner.

6.  Take the bottom right corner and fold up
to the top line, making a big triangle.
5.  Take the top right corner and fold
down. This makes a mini-triangle.

7.  Take the top right corner and fold to the
bottom line, keeping the triangle shape.
8.  Take the bottom right corner and fold to
the top line, keeping the triangle shape.

9.  With the leftover pastry bit,
tuck into the fold. 

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april said...

very nice photos on how to, taste great i bet and healthy. i have made these beauties before, am having friends coming over for weekend dinner.